The Singing Dogs





This is a picture of "Singer Boys".  The picture is from 1993.

There are several references Judy and I highly recommend. 

One is :  “A Celebration of Rare Breeds Volume II” by Cathy J. Flamholtz, 1991, OTR Publications, Centreville, AL, Pgs 147-154 and there is a picture of a Phil Persky Singer on a frontus page.  Phil Persky  was an early Singing Dog pioneer.  He kept his Singers in an apartment in NY City.

I think Ms. Flamholtz's book has been grossly overlooked by nearly all Singing Dog enthusiasts.  Her work is excellent and offers insights into Singing Dogs whaich have been captured by no other author.  She also lists references found in no other work.  Those references take a reader even deeper into Singing Dog history and their place in and impact on, tribal NG society.  

Another always good reference is the ZAA(Zoological Association of America.  Their journal articles are top-notch.  or



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